The social media jabs have escalated to much more troubling news

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Young Thug and Birdman (or “Baby“) have been named alongside Young Thug affiliate Jeffrey Winfrey (or Peewee Roscoe), claiming the three conspired in a plot to kill Lil Wayne. According to the reports, which are coming in via WSBTV’s Mike Petchenik’s Twitter, the indictment refers to a plot that was to be carried out in April, the month in which Weezy’s tour bus was shot at as he left the parking lot of an Atlanta venue after a show. Two months ago, Winfrey was arrested for the crime.

Some of the details that Petchenik revealed include the fact that the indictment is against Winfrey specifically, but names both Young Thug and Birdman as connected to Winfrey, and more specifically, that Winfrey was carrying out a plot devised by Young Thug. Furthermore, Thug’s most recent music video, “With That,” in which Winfrey is prominently displayed, is being used as evidence. The prosecution plans to draw a connection between the April incident, and Winfrey holding a firearm in the video of a song that mentions Lil Wayne.


Earlier today, in a separate incident, reports broke out of Atlanta that Young Thug had been arrested at his home on charges of making terroristic threats. We later learned that those threats stemmed from an April incident, in which Thug threatened to shoot a director of security at a mall in the face.

Lil Wayne’s differences with both Birdman and Young Thug have been well-documented. They center mainly around Thug naming his album Barter 6, and Birdman’s somewhat sudden allegiance to Thug, which became apparent around the same time Wayne accused him of not paying him, and holding up his album.


  • Rita says:

    They’re fucking birdman and yung thug. Bird man found a new booty and don’t no how to fucking act. Just like a regular.

  • m says:

    Birdman needs to sit his old ass down! Better yet how about educating young thug NVM the blind leading the blind….. He’s mad because Lil Wayne is no longer his puppet and the truth came out…

  • BozoDaPrez says:

    black lives matter

  • Yung Paul says:

    They are sick…I dont they are ready for success. ..instead of them relaxing and enjoying the fruit of their labour. ..they go around killing themselves. ..and birdman too whats his problem with fame and money? How much is enough for him…my God material things and money are the only things he cares about. …life is short dont try to be like God understand your place as a mere mortal…..yung thug the least said about him the better……deluded generation.

  • anthony says:

    Lock all they asses up nothing but gang criminals any way. That’s not music or entertainment all cover for illegal activity!

  • Go on proving everybody right. You dont deserve to have the privilege of being a success in life. Your opportunity was given to you on a silver platter and like 80% of rappers who claim that they’re trying to get out of the hood and AGAIN another failure. Over DUMB shit.

  • Keosha Brewer says:

    Praying for you fellas , life is what you make it , be encouraged , be a man of GOD he wants you , he loves you , you fellas are too talented to waste and throw away your gift , much love !

  • roni says:

    It’s simply a lover’s quarrel. Tee Hee