This Instagram sensation has the sports world and social media laughing hysterically. Even Russy got a kick out of it!!

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Yesterday, Twitter and Instagram were in a frenzy as a young comedian was able to perform a dead eye impersonation of one of the NBA’s brightest stars. Instagram user @bdotadot5 had users laughing hysterically on their computers and phones by perfectly acting out the moves and emotions of Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook.  Check out this hilarious video below.



The impersonation even got a reaction out of Russell Westbrook as he was able to show fans that he got kick out of the video. He let it be known on his official Twitter page.


But little do fans know, this isn’t the first time he ever imitated a NBA superstar. @Bdotadot5 has a compliation of his most hilarious basketball impersonation of stars such as LeBron James and Derrick Rose. Check it out below as he does a amazing job imitating stars as well as young hoopers who do the necessary drills to help improve their games. Laugh at your own risk.

Omari White

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