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Dirty Sprite 2 drops tonight

Last week, Future announced that his new album, Dirty Sprite 2, would be dropping tomorrow, and since then, for the first time, the Atlanta native has opened all the way up to the public via a series of interviews, the latest of them being a chat with The Breakfast Club.


Future touches on everything from his decision to revert back to his trap origins following two relatively disappointing LPs (Pluto, Honest), and distancing himself from his high profile girlfriend, Ciara, with whom Future was once engaged. “My relationship was bigger than me,” says Future, who made a conscious effort to keep his name out of headlines as he went on his now infamous mixtape run.

He also touched on Russell Wilson, who’s been photographed pushing the child Future had with Ciara in a stroller. Future was admittedly rubbed the wrong way, saying in the community he’s from, that’s an absolute no-no.

Or should we say, know that’s a no-no no no-no no no-no. Watch the interview above.