Bruce Jenner being awarded the Arthur Ashe Courage Award as “Caitlyn” has been a polarizing topic. While many applaud ESPN for recognizing the Olympic gold medalist’s courage it took to reveal he would be transitioning into a woman as Caitlyn Jenner, others, including comedian D.L. Hughley, were not so supportive.

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Hughley addressed the matter and expressed that Jenner didn’t deserve the award for courage because what he is going through is nothing compared to the trails and tribulations of tennis legend Arthur Ashe. The political commentator rattled off a list of Ashe’s accomplishments to TMZ and called him a symbol of courage. However, when relating Ashe and Jenner he felt Lauren Hill should have received ESPYs Courage Award for playing college basketball while battling terminal cancer. Hill was posthumously honored with the Best Moment Award instead. Hughley stated,

Caitlyn Jenner put on a dress. It’s not the same thing. I don’t think it’s the same. That girl Lauren Hill was courage in the name of sports.”

Hill was a college basketball player who continued to play basketball after it was discovered she had an inoperable brain tumor. She died at 19-years-old. Many believe Hill should’ve been presented the award because the trophy is given to a person who, “possesses strength in the face of adversity, courage in the face of peril and the willingness to stand up for their beliefs no matter the cost”. Hughley and many others don’t see how Jenner announcing he’s a transgender woman fits the criteria because Jenner and Ashe have “very little in common”.


In the midst of dissing Caitlyn Jenner’s award, D.L. also was in support of tennis champion Serena Williams and challenged the mainstream media’s idea of beauty.

In the last month we’ve had the media tell us Caitlyn Jenner was beautiful and Serena Williams looks like a man. I think Serena is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen on a tennis court and Bruce Jenner looks like every P.E. teacher I ever had.”

-Jonathan Hailey(@JaySpeakEasy_)