Internet giant Google recently admitted one of the prototypes of their self-driving cars was involved in an accident

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Google‘s self-driving car was involved in an accident this week, which left some people with minor injuries. The collision happened when a Lexus SUV, outfitted with Google’s self-driving technology, was hit by another car from behind in Mountain View, California.

The three occupants of the Google car indicated the had minor whiplash. Once the three Google employees were checked out at a nearby hospital, but all were allowed to return to work. The driver of the other vehicle, who rear ended the car, complained of neck and back pain.


Google has invested a great deal of time and energy into self-driving cars. The company believes it will be a safer and more efficient alternative to humans. This, however, is the 14th accident in six years a self-driving car has been involved in. The tech company was quick to point out that none of their cars were the cause of the accidents.

Chris Urmson, head of the self-driving car program, wrote a blog stating his SUVs stating accident have been caused by drivers who aren’t paying attention. Urmson suggested drivers might be distracted by their cellphones.

The clear theme is human error and inattention. We’ll take all of this as a signal that we’re starting to compare favorably with human drivers.”

Urmson’s team is currently looking at ways the self-driving cars could do something to alert distracted drivers before another crash. The car honking is a possibility, but he wonders if the honking will begin to annoy the residents of Mountain View.

-Jonathan Hailey(@JaySpeakEasy_)