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Another Week has come and gone in which contracts being signed by big named players. Action off the field even brings attention to this article, as a huge radio personality is looking to make a move to another network. Al l this and more in the Things We Learn in Sports this week.

7) Ronda Rousey Ethers Floyd Mayweather

Besides Caitlyn Jenner talking about how she wanted slack from the fashion police on her outfit, another women was making head spin with her words. Ronda Rousey was honored with the Best Fighter award at the ESPY’s on Thursday night, by beating out Floyd Mayweather. Rousey is notorious for speaking her mind on various issues including taking a shot at Money Mayweather. The video just shows how no body in the game wants a piece of Ronda.



6) USA still owns Cuba……in soccer


The United States men’s national team took apart the Cuba opposition 6-0 in the quarterfinals of the Gold Cup.  The USMNT head coach Jurgen Klinsmann has helped the US capture its largest Gold Cup victory in history, according to ESPN Stats & Info. With the US looking like the favorites to win it all, and the women’s team coming off its victory, soccer has a chance to dominate the rest of the summer time.

5) Ty Lawson clearly is stresses out.


Denver Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson isn’t having a great summer. The Nuggets looked as if the drafted his replacement in 7th overall pick Emmanuel Muiday, which seems to have stress the veteran to the point to pop a few bottles. Once he poured too many shots, he then decided to get into his car and drive home. And before the night was over Lawson was getting his mug shot tweeted over and over again. This is the second DUI that Lawson has received this year and now has been order to do a 30-day stint in rehab. Reports are that Lawson will be traded before opening night, seems like a change will be best for both sides at this point.

4) Russell Westbrook has a twin?

The NBA is currently in full summer league mode, where guys will try and prove their case to be on a roster next season. As for the vets, their enjoying a long vacation till the season starts at the end of October. Until then we have the internet to look towards for  our basketball entertainment. Brandon Armstrong is a former D-League player, and decided to impersonate Russell Westbrook play on the court.

The video is so funny that Westbrook himself got a kick out of it.

Check out the full video below.

3) LeBron moving into the Movie World

After winning and ESPY award for losing the NBA finals, Lebron James has now moved on to star in his first even big screen film. James plans himself in the romantic comedy Trainwreck which stars Amy Schumer and Bill Hader, which is now in theaters. Lebron seems to have found a new way to spend his offseason. Hopefully his teammates spend their time getting health and preparing for the season. The Cavilers are currently the favorite to win the championship next season.

2) Fox attempting to make a splash with Colin

Colin Cowherd and ESPN are reportedly on the verge of parting ways. According to Bleacher Reports’ Tim Daniels, the ESPN radio host will be leaving the network after 10 plus years with the company. ESPN Media Zone provided a statement from ESPN president John Skipper saying that, “We’ve enjoyed a mutually beneficial run with Colin for over a decade. He came to national prominence on ESPN with his unique perspective on sports and society. Reports are that Cowherd is heading over to rival company Fox Sports 1. It would be a big move to bring in Cowherd in some role over on their network.  This is the third major lost for ESPN this year. ESPN failed to come to an agreement with 30 for 30 creators Bill Simmons, and the host of Olbermann Keith Olbermann. Like Colin, known for their outspoken views of sports and the role it plays in society. Interesting to see whole will fill the role once Colin is gone.

1) Check, Check, Check

NFL owners were filling out their check books as three prime time players agree to some outstanding deals. Both Cowboys’ Dez Bryant and Broncos’ Demaryius Thomas agreed to a 5 year- 70 million dollar contract extension with their respective teams. Bryant was able to secure 45 million guarantee will Thomas was given 43.5 million. Though the two wide outs received hefty contracts, they don’t even compare to what the Chiefs were able to give Line Backer Justin Houston. Houston signed a 6 year- 101 million dollar contract, with 52.9 guaranteed. Houston was just a ½ sack away from breaking the all-time recorded for sacks in a season of 22 ½. Now Bryant, Thomas, and Houston will have to prove that they are worth of those contracts, because unlike the NBA, NFL contracts are made out of tissue paper.

 King Jut (@KingJut92)