“Vicious Victor” has decided to throw his name in the bag of boxers who wants a piece of Floyd…This is getting interesting

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With news being announced that Andre Berto will be Floyd Mayweather‘s new opponent, there’s another contender who is ready and willing to take down the undefeated champ. Welterweight sensation Victor Ortiz made a guest appearance on Sports Jeopardy hosted by Dan Patrick. During his appearance, he called out the undefeated welterweight champ hinting for a rematch. Let’s take a walk down memory lane back on June 7, 2011. The then-reigning WBC Welterweight champ Ortiz put his belt on the line against Mayweather at the MGM Grand. Floyd ended up winning the belt by TKO but some controversy came into action as Mayweather was under heavy scrutiny over a monster left hook which was added on by a wicked right cross he landed on Ortiz when Victor blantanly didn’t have his guard up after being docked a point for intentionally headbutting Floyd during the fight.

Fast forwarding to now, Ortiz is back and ready to regain back what was his. After a recent TKO win over Manuel Perez in December of 2014, Victor is hungry for a rematch and to attempt to make history as the only fighter to give Floyd his first lost of his prestigious career. The episode debuts tomorrow but Ortiz said to fans nationwide that “Mayweather is hiding and he’s looking for him. America knows you owe me a rematch, man!”



Here’s a flashback clip of the controversial knockdown that had people going crazy. Was it a cheap shot or it was fair? If Ortiz is granted a rematch, he better have his guard up at all cause.

Omari White

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