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Some Friday night entertainment…

Funk Flex is definitely one of the 5 most outspoken people in the music industry. The guy just says whatever comes to mind, whether it makes sense to the rest of us, or not. In fact, it’s kind of what made Flex so great in his heyday. You were guaranteed to hear the craziest, most outlandish sh*t when you tuned into that 7pm slot. You wouldn’t see it coming but Flex always had a bomb to drop. And that isn’t a reference to his signature explosive ad-lib.

So, it should come as a surprise to no one that Flex is sounding off on every platform he has access to regarding the continually developing situation involving Meek Mill, and the accusations he levied against Drake earlier this week. On Wednesday night, Flex claimed he’d acquired certified reference tracks from If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late–basically songs or verses written by someone else, in this case, Quentin Miller, that eventually made Drake’s album.


Today, Flex is taking it a step further, and in light of Quentin Miller‘s admission that he “isn’t” and “will never be” a ghostwriter for Drake, has taken to Twitter to continue to go at Drake for “the truth.” In this current rant, Flex claims he has more reference tracks, this time for Drake’s collaboration with Big Sean, “Blessings,” and the song that started this entire fiasco, Meek Mill’s “R.I.C.O.”



Let’s see where this leads. Will he actually play the records, or just rant on social media and try to get responses out of Drake.


  • Kev says:

    This is a problem and Drake needs to answer it. You have to be authentic as a Rapper. That’s how Rap began. You can’t borrow bars from somebody and use them to deceive people as your own. The most disrespectful thing about it is using some else lyrics on a collaboration. Now that’s crazy. You only have a few bars when your on a collaboration. Drake couldn’t write that? This is ridiculous. Drake still hasn’t respond but he will once his record sales decline and they will. Nobody like a fraud.

  • Terry says:

    Drake The Fake

  • Flex…You the TRUTH homie!
    #IFWT 🙂