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Why was Sandra Bland arrested for not using a traffic signal? Watch the Released dash-cam video and you be the judge

Texas Department of Public Safety has released the dash-cam footage that shows the moments before Sandra Bland‘s arrest are questionable.


The 52 minute clip above starts at 2:00 when Sandra is pulled over for not using a signal to change lanes as the cop approaches her from behind. Moments later Bland is being forced out of her vehicle at gunpoint for not putting out her cigarette at the officer’s request?

Although lengthy, the entire footage must be fully examined for a conclusion to be properly made regarding the arrest and death of Sandra Bland being ruled as a suicide. Why was she ever put under arrest in the first place and never read her rights? Watch the footage for yourself.

-Infinite Wiz(@InfiniteWiz)

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  • Dan says:

    This is a clear cut case of “contempt of cop.” She had the audacity to tell the officer something he didn’t want to hear, and he couldn’t handle it.