E.O.A. = Excell Over Adversity

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In an industry where many are self proclaimed, you occasionally run into several people who can really back up the titles they appoint to themselves.  Queens Native, Enoch The Producer is the Professor X of E.O.A Productions and we had the chance to learn a little about his movement and what he brings to not just hip-hop, but music in the main.  As we sat and approached several topics, with respect to hip-hop in particular, one of the first things that came to mind was “at only 21 years of age, how are you this young with such an abysmal knowledge of music?”  Clearly, you have to love and respect what you do, in order to continuously study it.  Today, the majority of the younger generation, aren’t really aware or concerned with anything besides whatever is trending, however, that’s not the case for Enoch.  Casually conversing, I asked him what producers inspired or continue to inspire him and when he gave me his answer I was surprised.  Quincy Jones!

At that point, I realized this kid is dope and now I understand his boundless and limitless catalog.  Discussing creativity in music and the concept in production, he points out people being afraid to be creative and instead conform to following the formula they assume works best.  Again, trends and whatever’s currently poppin.  When it comes to constructing a beat, it’s way deeper than that for Enoch.  He uses music as his form of conversation and expression.


I’ve always had a love for music.  That love has been enhanced over the years by my eagerness to understand music and how it inspires me to converse through sounds and tones to express my thoughts and emotions.

Using live instruments to pay homage to the greats, you will notice the diversity in his collection.  Whether it’s Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, EDM or Soul, his team has it on lock in every direction.  Not only does E.O.A consist of producers, they also have a talented group of artists, such as vocalists, songwriters, emcees, and even illustrators.

I can sit here and discuss everything I’ve gathered for hours, however, I’d rather let the music speak for itself, just make sure you raise the volume.

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