If you’re a woman who has a shoe addiction, which is practically every woman ever, you take the care of your shoes very seriously. And when your favorite pair of shoes has seen its last days of life,  a sudden stroke of sadness that hits. But what if we could give you a few tips that could make your favorite pair of heels last a little longer?

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The way you treat your shoes is the way they will treat you. If you are sure to take care of them they will take care of you. And the care of your shoes should starts with the first day you decide to show them what a day out of the box looks like.

Shower Them With Love: Before you wear any pair of shoes you want to spray them with a water protector so that water or any other liquid won’t be able to penetrate the fabric and ruin the shoe.


Perfect Top Coat: If you see your shoes are becoming dull or don’t have that same shine they once had take them to be polished or conditioned. Leather can easily dry out over time so to restore the natural oils take them to get conditioned and they will be back to new in no time.

Keep Lifting: On every heel it seems inevitable that the lift on the shoe goes first especially if your shoes are made for walking and not necessarily just an addition to your outfit. So when you see that small hard plastic piece that sits at the end of your heel is getting worn replace it right away.

You Got It Covered: When you are storing your shoes in your closet be sure to keep them covered so they are protected from dust and dirt. And most importantly it keeps them from rubbing against your other shoes with the potential of bleeding on each other.


Photo Credit(s): Justbestcovers.