2015 and racism still thrives in America

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Recent stripping of the confederate flag upset many white supremacists in the South. They’ve responded by riding around in their big boy trucks with the confederate flag standing tall outside of their trucks. But apparently for a particular group, riding in traffic with the hate symbol wasn’t cutting it.

A video recently surfaced the web of armed, white supremacists in Atlanta crashing a black child’s birthday screaming racial slurs threatening to “kill y’all n*ggas”. Reportedly, there has been no law enforcement done and the situation is being investigated, even though there isn’t much investigation needed since there’s visuals but.. sips tea.


Press play to witness the ugly that still exists in the land that promises liberty and justice for all.

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  • dave says:

    a white supremacist wouldnt say nigga, they would say nigger. fact check yo shit nigga.

  • Lisa Stephens says:

    How are you dealing with the racist cops on the Atlanta force???? There are serious issues within your Police Department…Cops gone rogue both black and white!!! You had kkk today riding around and interrupted a black childs birthday party making threats of killing black people…APD cops shows up and do basically nothing!!! Seriously no justice!!!!!!!!!

  • Frank says:

    “White Supremacists Crash A Black Child’s Birthday Party With Confederate Flags” You idiots could start a race war with your ignorance. It’s not so much the gov destroying this country as it is the media. I know these people and they are good people who have as many black friends as white. You should have pulled the video and you should be ashamed.