If you feel like today was just like yesterday and the day before that, filled with the same bad news on the television, you’re not alone. On the same day as the release of their new project, we are proud to premiere the latest single from Jamall Bufford and Kensaye’s “Today.”

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The track comes part of the larger question: What does freedom mean to you? Your interpretation may differ from you local politician’s, which may differ from your local authorities’, which probably differs from a prisoner’s. To help you unpackage the complexities of freedom, The Black Opera’s co-founder Jamall Bufford is joined by London based producer Kensaye. Bufford shares his opinions on the world through his eyes, from people who think they are free but are actually trapped by conventions and technology to his own journey to freedom. Do you agree with the slightly downtrodden view from Jamall? Do you at least see where he’s coming from? Kensaye stirs up several sounds from various sources that creates a hodgepodge of new conventions within Hip-Hop production.

By the time you’re finished with this new project, you may end up asking more questions rather than answering them but instead of being overwhelmed, instead consider it the first step to enlightenment. The fact that you’re considering what really freedom means to you and to those around you is proof that you’re headed towards self-improvement. Just make sure that if and when you arrive at a definitive answer, you put that knowledge to good use and share it with the rest of us.


You can also watch the first part of a documentary Jamall and Kensaye have put together, documenting the creation of the project.

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