Pats owner went ballistic after hearing about the news that his star quarterback Tom Brady’s suspension will be upheld.

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The reigning Super Bowl champion New England Patriots have felt some major heat from the media and the NFL. When word got out that Tom Brady‘s suspension will be upheld, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft felt that the time was now to dish back some heat that weas handed towards them. When the league handed out an $1 million dollar fine to the Pats, Kraft was okay with the penalty which was issued in May. But now, the billion-dollar owner has had enough and decided to be more defiant at a recent press conference that occurred earlier today.

Reporters from the Boston Herald, New York Daily News, and ESPN have tweeted Kraft’s comments during the press conference.



With Brady not returning til Week 5, coach Belichick has some major game planning and prayer to do as inexperienced Jimmy Garoppolo will be the man under center to help the Pats create major momentum for the 1st half of the 2015-2016 NFL regular season. May the force be with you young Bill and Jimmy.

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