Three Stacks is headed to the small screen

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Last year, amidst the hype over Shonda Rhimes‘ Thursday night dominance and 50 Cent’s Power, John Ridley, the director of the Jimi Hendrix biopic, brought a stirring crime drama to network television, American Crime, at the absolute perfect time. The show, which addresses how racial, socioeconomic and religious lines are blurred and crossed in modern-day American society’s assessment and comprehension of a heinous crime, will be returning for a second season, starring one Mr. Andre 3000.

According to Ridley, 3000, who starred as Jimi Hendrix in the aforementioned biopic, is partially the main reason that American Crime even exists.


“He is an amazing individual, a true artist, and All Is by My Side is one of the reasons I was given the reins on American Crime. Folks at ABC were absolutely moved by Andre’s performance in the film, and by the overall language of cinema we used in telling the story. It’s fair to say American Crime might not exist were it not for our previous collaboration.”

3000-born Andre Benjamin–will play the father of the teenager suspected of committing a major crime–the major crime that the season will be based on.