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Supermodel Naomi Campbell was convicted of assault after scratching a paparazzi’s eye when he was taking pictures of her and her former boyfriend Vladimir Doronin.

The incident occurred back in 2009 when the couple were boarding off their yacht in Lipara. The paparazzi, Gaetano Di Giovanni, took a couple of pictures of them as they walked through the narrow streets and Campbell hit him with her handbag that scratched his eye. Di Giovanni required medical attention and took three days to heal.

Di Giovanni appeared in court in 2013 and said, “I had just started taking some shots of her and I did not expect such a violent reaction”. Despite these sentiments, the photographer and the model’s lawyer came to an agreement to withdraw the charges against Campbell but the prosecutor insisted to proceed with the trial due to public interest.

Campbell was convicted to six months in prison and hasn’t made any comments since.


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