Nicki Minaj is in the toughest spot between her baby bruddah Drake and booski Meek Mill. This beef has indeed brought life back to Hip Hop and fans haven’t had a show like this in years. Like a fair player, we have to assume Minaj won’t choose sides in this fight but it’d be hard to believe she didn’t speak her mind to one or even both of them.

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With that being said, if Meek Mill decides to act out on Nicki Minaj this week, here are 5 reasons why now is not a good time to call it quits:

  1. For the most obvious reason, Minaj is stuck between a rock and a hard place. You see it, I see it, and I’m pretty sure her man sees it. So cutting things off right now would wild up the media to make it seem like she’s going 100% cash money on this beef. We know blood is thicker than water but in such harsh and tense circumstances, it’s best she stays out of it.
  2.  If Onika checked Rahmik’s phone this week, and found naked pictures, she will have to swallow the pill! Regardless of what excuse she gives him about how “this isn’t going to work” every track following the break up is going to be about how he thought she was a rida’ but she was a really a stunna and how he ain’t wifin’ no check even if his grandmama love ha. Like, No! DC4 would shine light on a brand new Meek Mill just because she chose this week, of all weeks, to end their relationship.
  3. The Barbz have always been loyal to Miss Harajuku herself, but will they be able to defend the bashing that will be coming her way? Thou will be slandered. It’s guaranteed that if Nicki decided to end the Omeeka reign, she would easily turn all of the attention from a clean Hip Hop beef to about her. We want to keep the focus on what Meek Mill is going to do to save his career right now, not what he is going to do to save his relationship.
  4. “Let a man, be a man.” Every woman has been told this once or twice, and now is the time that Nicki exercises this lesson. Leaving Meek right now would be like, knocking a man while he’s down. Her job as his woman, is to get out of her feelings, let all things go for the time being and encourage him to fight like a champ. Do it for the state of Rap music Nicki!
  5. Last but not least, Nicki Minaj can NOT break up with Meek this week because the battle would be OVER. Drake officially wins this fight, that Meek started, all because Onika didn’t stand by her man at his lowest point. If that happens, Drake has officially turned Meek Mill’s Pasta back into Noodles.

Drops mic, shout out to my ghost writer though.


By Tia Long (@ByTiaLong)