Music and sports have always been intertwined.  Players use music to get themselves motivated for a big game on the field, and musicians try to copy the mindset of an athlete when they’re in the booth making an album. There has never been a mash-up like the one between Ciara, Future, and Russell Wilson. There have been so many up-and-downs, twists and turns involving a #1 album, a new NFL contract, and multiple confusing and misguiding tweets. Here are some of the key points in this love triangle:

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May 19, 2014:

Baby Future is born


Baby Future

Ciara gives birth to “Future Zahir Wilburn” on May 19th of last year. The birth of baby Future seemed to be just the icing on the cake for Ciara. She was coming off a year in which she made a true comeback to mainstream stardom with “Body Party”–co-written by Future and produced by his go-to beatsmith, Mike Will Made It–and prepared to release a new studio album. Everything seemed to be lining up for Ciara and her two Futures at this point.

August 13th, 2014:

Ciara and Future break up

Ciara Future

Just a few months after baby Future is born, Ciara and his father split up. Reports were that Future Sr. cheated on the 28-year-old singer. This is a major point in the timeline, not just considering how it altered their personal lives, but how it affected the trajectory of their respective music careers.

October 28th, 2014:

Future drops Monster

After his last album, Honest, failed to meet expectations, Future dropped the Monster mixtape just 6 months later. This was the beginning of Future’s road to becoming the hottest rapper in the game, a run that would rival Lil Wayne’s iconic 2007 mixtape run at its culmination the following year. He would go on to drop Beast Mode in January, and 56 Nights a couple months later, in March.

April 23, 2015:

Ciara links up with Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson and Ciara

Rumor started with Russell Wilson and Ciara becoming an item during this time of the year. Wilson was coming off the worst moment in his career by throwing the game ending interception in the Super Bowl. Seems as a great way to pick yourself up after a lost.

May 4, 2015:

Ciara album flops

Ciara album was clearly a disappointing.  The album failed to produce much success in numbers, as it only sold approximately 20K copies. Billboard noted in a review that although the album was filled with uptempo dance songs and vulnerability, the album has been seen before by Ciara.

July 10, 2015:

Future drops “Like I Never Left” video, Ciara responds

In a video doc, Future goes on to talk about how he didn’t understand why Ciara didn’t want to work with him on her upcoming album. Many believed that this was a  shot at Ciara. Ciara took to twitter feeling some type a way about the comments.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 1.14.53 PM

July 16, 2015:

Future sits with the Breakfast Club

Before his new album Dirty Sprite 2 dropped, Future explains his feelings towards his situation with Ciara and her new boo Russell Wilson. He express how it is weird for another man to be around his son at such a earlier age.

July  31, 2015

Russell Wilson signs new contract.

Russell Wilson, Baby Future

Wilson and the Settle Seahawks agreed to a contract extension of 4 years-87.6 million dollars. After the contract was signed and sealed, the 26-year-old quarterback was able to get back to football, and have his girl right by his side. Pictures surfaced of Russell Wilson holding baby Future in his arms, playing daddy.

These pictures seem to get back to Future who responded with a classic twitter rant.

Many people have already pick their sides or “Hive” if you will, but it seems as if the beef that is in the air between them is just getting cooked up.

-King Jut (@KingJut92)