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This week’s episode of The Signal features Waka Flocka’s protege, a rapper by the name of Ben G, who hails from South Carolina.  Fresh off tour with Flocka, Ben G has been hard at work putting together his upcoming EP, Spanish Moss & Collard Greens.  The inspiration for the EP is derived from his Southern upbringing.  The seven song EP features the single “Heart of a Lion,” a track with Waka Flocka that will be made available for free download.

“A Hit Away” is the final single from the EP, releasing 8/10, but today we’re bringing you the visuals for it.  The on-location visuals were filmed in Atlanta by Ben’s in-house videographer, Logan Meis, and they capture Ben’s feeling that he’s only “a hit away” from success.


Success to Ben though, isn’t all about the money.  So far, the humble rapper says that his greatest accomplishment has been having fans come up to him after shows, saying that they relate to his past, and growing up in group homes, and that his story gives them something to look forward to, and renews their determination to continue on in life.  Ben’s backstory is full of troubles–an arrest and subsequent incarceration at 16, living in and out of various group homes, and the recent loss of his mother–but Waka has taken the young rapper under his wing, and looked after him like a brother.

“A Hit Away” and Spanish Moss & Collard Greens is the culmination of Ben’s life story, and will (hopefully) lead him to the successes he desires.

Check out the video, and let us know what you think.