A Cinder-BEY-ella story!

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This is definitely a Cinderella Story for you. This occasion entails our very own princess, or should I say: Queen B Beyoncé. Yes, Queen B just dropped $337,000 for a 65.6 carat shoe that will be featured in her new music video. The Borgezie Princess Diamond Constellation is an entailed 1,310 diamond encrusted stiletto. The shoe inspired by royalty was sought after months prior to owner Chris Shellis, who was all but thrilled that Beyoncé would be wearing his shoe!

“If you want someone to model your creations, you can’t get any better than Beyoncé.”



It is also rumored that Bey will be wearing an $85,000 dollar belt from the same company in the visual. Money can definitely buy fashion in my book! And these shoes, which if you click here, you can get further details. Tell us more and what you think by tweeting us at @HerSource.

-Mayi Trinidad