This remake may be better than the original

The new “Fantastic Four” movie, coming out this Friday, is a fantastic remake of one of Marvel’s most acclaimed stories.  This remake, unlike the other “Fantastic Four” movie focuses in on how the team got their powers and what they were like up until that fateful accident where they got their powers.  The movie first starts off with Reed and Ben in fifth grade. Reed had great intellect and curiosity for science and the unknown at such an early age. His main goal was to create a machine that teleported matter from one place to another and then back.  Fast forward 7 years to where Reed and Ben have finally made this project work and when they demonstrate their machine at their school science fair, they are discovered by Professor Storm and Reed is recruited to build a larger teleportation machine for him.  This then leads to how the group, along with the notorious Victor Von Doom get their powers where they teleport themselves to the alter universe and inevitably get engulfed by the large deposits of energy on the planet.  Just like in the comic books, it is up to the Fantastic Four to join forces, master their powers, and take down Doom who plans on destroying the Earth.


Like any Marvel movie, you can expect great action scenes and the scene where the Fantastic Four take on Doom is such an epic and satisfying action scene that will be something to remember.  The way that this film portrays Doom’s power and intense sense of worth really fits into how the comic books portrayed him as this power hungry and self-absorbed person who just wants to watch the world burn.  This film also did a fantastic job with costumes such as how they made The Thing looks more like a being made of rocks as compared to the previous “Fantastic Four” movies.  Although this movie was basically a giant lead up to how the team got their powers, it was very entertaining and never had a dull moment to it.  It was interesting to have this movie focus so much on the origin of the group and not taking the route of having them get their powers in the first 10 minutes of the film and because of this approach it really stayed true to the comic books.


Overall, this remake was funny, the characters were charming and likable, the story was entertaining, and above all, the action scenes were epic.  This “Fantastic Four” movie is definitely a must see movie and it will hit theaters on August 7, 2015.