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NBA Free Agency


The most exciting time of the pre NBA season has arrived and to be quite frank…..this summer’s off season hasn’t been eye opener as expected. Granted, there were some interesting moves that were executed that had fans placed them under their radar to watch for. But it seems like general managers were just nonchalantly throwing away astronomical mega contracts left and right to NBA players whose talent doesn’t match the dollar value their game showcases night in and night out. Prime example is the robbery Brandon Knight committed on the Phoenix Suns. The former Wildcat and the Suns agreed to a 5 year, $70 million dollar contract extension. Knight who averaged roughly 13.4 points, 4.5 assists a night for the 11 games he was acquired by Phoenix through a three-team trade should not be offered more than the reigning NBA regular season MVP in Steph Curry. Although Knight shows signs of potential to be a crunch time performer, Brandon is known to be a victim of some of the most jaw dropping, monster “OHHH” screaming, ankle breaking plays in the recent NBA seasons. If you need a friendly reminder, click this link right here. But the real winners of this season’s free agency has to be the San Antonio Spurs, the Los Angeles Clippers, and the Milwaukee Bucks. Fans all over should put Mavs owner Mark Cuban on their church’s prayer focus list as the last second lost of DeAndre Jordan was a game changer in this year’s free agency market. Cuban was just a pen stroke away from bringing Jordan back to his home town, but least he was able to bring in another hometown hero in Deron Williams. The Knicks still has fans scratching their heads in anger; ready and willing to RKO Phil Jackson. Bringing in center Robin Lopez was a decent decision if you are fans of family rivalries as his brother, Brook is across the river in Brooklyn. But as movers and shakers are continuing to shop for more worthy free agents like J.R. Smith, the real anticipation the NBA world is looking forward to is the summer of 2016. Can you say… salary cap?! Kevin Durant!? LeBron James?! Joe Johnson?! Will we see the Black Mamba take his ego and talents to another team that doesn’t have the purple and gold colors in their uniform?! Only time will tell and man oh man I can not wait. In the words of Lupe Fiasco…..STACK THAT CHEESE!!

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