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As we head into the home stretch of summer sports, fans such as myself will be pay huge attention to the possibilities of major transactions, major deals and most importantly major moments that will steal best in show for the summer of 2015. With the month of August boom rushing into our vicinity like a Biggie Small Kick In The Door track, some cool upcoming locally and nationally events will be transpiring such as the Little League World Series, Under Amour Elite 24 All Star Game and the Nike Tournament of Champions. Although some of these events may not be airing on television, it’s highly suggested that you take a break from the television and check them out live as some tough competition and talented athletes will be putting it all on the line for pride and braggin rights. But be mindful and always hit that refresh button on Twitter because as we approaching the NFL season, some players may be dropping like flies due to the injury bug and most likely there will be some deals to be made. Let’s hope that Ray Rice can be amongst the friendly trend of movers and shakers finding a home. After all, the man admitted that he was wrong and everyone deserves a second chance in life. Sports is the perfect way to grant such a talented back that rightful opportunity of redemption. Sports fans let’s unite with one stand only: that is to fully enjoy, appreciate and cherish the 2nd half of summer sports. You’ll be feeling the negative effects of it come December.

Omari White


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