Snapchat, the app that lets you send quick and disposable snippets of your life in an instant,  has taken over the world. It seems like everything happens on snapchat these days. From concerts to a sneak peeks inside the homes and lives of today’s most famous artist and people. Now that hip-hop has gotten a hold of it, it’s been pure jokes!

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Many young artist such as Vic Mensa and Justine Skye just to name a few have flocked to social media. They use it as a platform of communication for them and their fans to interact and get a inside look on a day to day life with these artist. Yes, most of the time it is pointless, humorous video’s about absolutely nothing but following your favorite artist or celebrity has an instant gratification.

Here is a cool list of some rappers that are a must follow. And while you’re at it, be sure to follow me on Snapchat as well; therealbrig (haha)


1. Vic Mensa: vicsavemoney

When he’s not meeting random people on the street, he’s in the studio and showing off his endless supply of….well just go add it

2. Waka Flocka Flame: WakaFlockaveli

Be prepared to see a lot of food, his road tour buddies, smoking, his beautiful wife Tammy and Waka being Waka

3. Mack Wilds: mackwilds

When he’s not gracing your phone screen with his outstanding smile and teeth, he’s going on chicken sandwich tours around NYC and vibing in the studio.

4. Schoolboy Q: HoovaQ

While playing with his daughter and dog at his home, he is also seen in the studio and being asked in public “aren’t you SchoolBoy Q”

5. The Game: blackb0yfly

Studio lessons, twerking lessons from his crew, dancing to T-Wayne’s “Nasty Freestyle” with his kids and parties are all in compressed into one story

6. A$AP Nast: guapoxsucio

While walking around and meeting fans in the streets of NYC, he’s also chillin in the house watching tv and hanging with the mob

7. Justine Skye; justineskye

When she’s not in rehearsal or preforming for her fans on stage, she is hanging with her friends and family

8. Tyga: Iamboluxury

Following the life of Tyga, you get to see him preform on stage in front of tons of people with his best friend Chris, and spending time with his adorable son getting into mischief around the house

9. Ace Hood: mrhood954

While showing off the behind scenes of his new music videos and hanging with friends, he’s in the gym all the time

10.Rihanna: rihanna

This Barbadian beauty has fun with her friend, twerking for the gawds!!

11. Ty Dolla $ign: tgodtydolla

Beat making, having fun with his daughter and taking selfie’s are a usual Dolla $ign day.

12. Wale: waleebm

Singing to the radio in the car, partying with friends and releasing snippets of new singles, Wale keeps you on your toes


-Bri Christian (@brirezy)