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In promotion for his bout with Andre Berto coming in September, Floyd Mayweather made a stop on SportsNation, but in a different language.

Mayweather recently appeared on ESPN Deportes’ Nacion ESPN, conveniently allowing him to skip an encounter with known Mayweather detractor Michelle Beadle, who appears on the English-speaking version of Sportsnation. Mayweather revealed his all-time boxer rankings while on the show, and instead of starting from No. 5 and working his way up, he began at the top of the list.


It’s not surprising that Mayweather would put himself as the greatest of all-time, but where he ranked Ali was a bit surprising. He placed the former heavy-weight champion of the world 5th on the list.

Floyd is really doing his job by bringing attention to himself, good or bad. Watch the clip above.

King Jut (@KingJut92)

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  • Malcolm Aaron says:

    As much as I love Floyd he is way off on his list. Ali is considered the greatest because he redefined boxing. Before Muhammad boxers were pugs. They were stiff, plodding punching machines. Ali freed the form of boxing. He was a 6’3″ fluid athlete that glided across the ring throwing lightning fast knockout combinations at the same time. We call Ali the greatest because that’s what he told us to call him. Boxing owes so much to this great man who not only was a champion in the ring but actually stood for something out of the ring. He sacrificed his prime years because he opposed the Viet Nam War. Ali would be third following Hammering Henry Armstrong, Sugar Ray Robinson. I would put Jack Johnson 4 and Floyd 5.