Michael Jordan puts his two cents in the debate

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For years, the debate between MJ and LBJ has been an intriguing one, while at the same time one of the game’s most common nuances. The debate about who is better has been a headache to say the least and for the most part, both these great players have stayed out the spotlight to share their opinion on the matter, till this past week.

After one of his sessions at his Michael Jordan Flight School, MJ shared his answers to some of the most real and unfiltered questions on a range of topics. When asked who would win between him and LeBron James in one on one, MJ answered he would rather play Steph before LBJ which in his mind and others, shut down the whole debate. He also managed to shed some light on the all-time Lakers vs. Bulls debate that shook up the internet not too long ago, not to mention his beloved and popular fantasy in making Kwame Brown an actual great player. Check it out above


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