Yesterday, protesters took to the streets in droves in Ferguson, Missouri in recognition of the 1-year anniversary of Michael Brown‘s death at the hands of police. August 9 recalled dark memories of 2014, when an unarmed teenager, Michael Brown, was shot 6 times by Darren Wilson, a Caucasian former Ferguson police officer, despite evidence pointing to the fact that Brown’s hands were up in the air in a surrendering manner.

Unfortunately, yesterday’s events were also marked by a police-related shooting. According to the Associated Press, a young man, Tyrone Harris, along with several other people was involved in a stand-off with police, and in the ensuing chaos, Harris was shot.

According to St Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar, a “remarkable amount of gunfire” was exchanged during the stand-off, and Harris has since been charged with assault. Harris was reportedly a “close friend” of Michael Brown’s, and the two attended the same St. Louis high school.



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  1. Vegas

    Thats not the whole story ok … during the reunion … two young Black’s starting shooting and hit two people .. no one knows why they started to shoot …. then they took off running after undercovers where in the area watching the crowd … the cops took off after them and while that the two young blacks started to shoot towards the cops while they where still in the car .. so the cops had no choice but to shoot back duh … and if there their for Michael brown and black lives matter wow what a way to show support for black lives matter by two blacks shooting at innocent people ….. …..