James Harden will not re-up with Nike

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According to sources, Nike will not top the $200 million deal that Harden was offered from Adidas. TMZ reports that Nike was concerned with the prospect of giving that much money to one player, and what it would mean to other up-and-coming superstars looking to get a similar deal. ESPN’s sports business reporter Darren Rovell questions why Adidas would offer Harden such a large contract.

Harden has yet to officially sign his deal with Adidas, but the writing is on the wall–or Khloe Kardashian’s back. She was spotted sporting Adidas gear at Harden’s Drew League game this weekend. Over the past few weeks, the two have been involved in fervent relationship rumors.


Khole Kardashian

Since it appears that Nike and Harden won’t be signing on the dotted lines, Harden’s deal with Adidas is likely all but sealed.