This edition of HoodHealth hits a somber tone with the passing of Sean Price, making us all take a trip to the doctor just in case

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This weekend the whole Hip Hop world was hit with the news that the self proclaimed “world’s brokest rapper”, Sean Price, passed in his sleep. With his death, Hip Hop was dealt a hard blow. He is regarded by many as “their rapper’s favorite rapper”. By looking at how many days his death stayed at the top of trending topics on Facebook and Twitter, you can tell that his influence over many was great. One of the hardest things about digesting the news was that he passed in his sleep at the age of 43. At this point, the cause of death hasn’t been determined, yet we can all agree that 43 is way to young to be returning to the essence.

Along with hearing the news of his death this weekend, I watched the Unsung documentary of Kool Moe Dee. One of Kool Moe Dee’s breakout songs was “Go See the Doctor”. We have written about signs and symptoms on one’s body that should be causes for health concerns. This time around though we are citing another reason that one should go see the doctor…just for the Hell of it. Basically, we don’t do enough preventative maintenance on our body.


When you take that car to get the oil change, if you take it to a good mechanic, they are going to check all of the fluids, check the windshield whippers and look at the tires. The last thing that they are going to give you is that sticker that tells you to come get your oil changed after a certain amount of miles or mileage. They don’t tell you to come back if you are having problems with your car. They tell you that there is a set time that your butt better be back up in the shop or inevitably you will have problems with your car. We need to take the same approach with our bodies.

I know, speaking as a male, I used to never go to the doctor unless my arm was falling off. And even if that was the case, I might just use duct tape and some “tussin.” I don’t know if that is the male ego hard wiring or what. In the past, the only time that I really went to the doctor besides something really wrong with me was if I needed a physical for a new job or school. The reality though is that we have to get in tune with doing annuals or quarterlies. It doesn’t matter if you have a primary or go to the clinic. You need to have regular checkups with the doctor.

Fear keeps a lot of people from the doctor’s office. It is fear that something might be wrong with us. Even if that is the case, nothing was ever fixed by ignoring it. Even if you are an advocate of non-Western medicine, it is definitely good for identifying the root cause of many ailments. The list of preventable illnesses is way too long to list here. Many dire illnesses even can be effectively treated if detected early. Regular checkups gives the doctors a baseline on your body to detect when something is off with you. Sometimes it is nothing except a simple lifestyle adjustment that will clear up disease within your body.

We gonna miss Sean P because he didn’t have an identity as a rapper. He was Sean P in front of the camera’s and off camera. He represented in Hip Hop what is sorely missing in many realms nowadays…the common man. He was a family man, a comedian, one of the illest rappers, a human being and just extraordinary all around. Yet one of the strongest things that stands out is that he passed at the age of 43 and that ain’t anything normal. It does offer us a moment to reflect and check our own health. Why don’t you make some appointments this week. Why don’t you make it a habit. Let’s add a appreciation of HoodHealth to the legacy of Sean P!

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  • ali says:

    Sean P!! RIP,,,,

    Well it is a fact that doctors dont cure nothing..Some of them never tell the whole story about any sickness or give proper recommendation on the diet..most sickness are all caused by our diet..

    People are eating more acidic food than alkaline is a fact that if you eat alkaline food you will be super healthy..
    No disease can infest in an alkaline environment.. research about alkaline food..stay away from Acidic food it corrodes your mucus membrane…For more info Google a man called DR Sebi..Im 42 yrs old, I personally learned a lot from Dr Sebi and my body is functioning very different compared to when I was eating just anything,,,entertainment food is dangerous!!!..

    Stay healthy and true..A doctor is just another drug dealer..

  • Ed Text says:

    How dare you use Sean Price’s death as a poignant moment for a public service announcement. Do your soapboxin’ on your own schedule, not on the wings of an angel that has passed from our world. I am not upset by your points, but how you were so eloquent in using Sean as some sort of token cereal box cover of unhealthiness. The man hasn’t even been passed away a week, shame on you.

  • Gerald says:

    Why isn’t there any comments? This is so important but people rather spent time on the meek vs drake beef. I’m almost 40 n got a bloodpressure n cholestrol problem but reduce it with losing 10 kg’s. The biggest problem is to maintain it n i still have to lose 10 kg’s so i can quiet my medicine. I really can relate to this articel thank u. Greeting from holland n sorry for my bad english

  • Mike Fish says:

    This one is hitting me different. The grind is hard and sometimes we do things to keep up with it that damage ourselves. My heart goes out to his family and friends. He was so dope and put in work like a true champion.