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Meek Mill‘s beef with Drake has carried on long enough, let’s be honest. The rappers themselves aren’t even perpetuating it, social media is. So, it’s fitting that Meek took to social media to put an end to it.

According to the following snapshot, Meek is no longer “entertaining” the beef with Drake, citing bigger goals and issues at hand. This could have something to do with AR-AB‘s diss track to Meek, which was in response to Meek screaming “f*ck you” on stage at a recent Pinkprint Tour stop. AR’s diss wasn’t about throwing subtle shots like Drake and Meek’s exchange, but instead was a violent retort, all but threatening a violent end to their riff. You can read Meek’s full message, which was posted int he form of an Instagram comment, below.



To boot, Meek has also removed the only diss he sent to Drake, “Wanna Know,” from Soundcloud.

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  • Abdul waheed says:

    Fuck these sucker ass dudes meek do what u been doing and I’m from Newark and my opinion u spit that real shit don’t stop fuck these bitch ass dudes

  • Gothic Juve says:

    Meek Mill trash to me, and so are these comments. Just say I lost and I’m sorry I let my fans down. I’m not a fan, and I never was.

  • Jason parker says:

    I think all that so called beef with drake and meek was really a bought Nikki Cuz for one they both look stupied i think drake fucked but fail to win nikki over it was only sex and he took it for more than that when she only wanted her pussy licked now when meek came on that hood shit he got her so drake don’t why or how she fail for that dude with knowing he got more doe than meek but he fail to know that Nikki is a woman that gets bord easily so if drake was on that pussy shit she got bord real fast now what meek got to no is don’t let her treat him like a gucci bag thers a nother and better one made every day stop fighting over pussy meek and drake pussy was made to be fucked

  • James says:

    Looks like the stupid asshole Meek finally gave up. what a weak bitch XD

  • Chris says:

    Meek is totally a coward. Why running away when u started first, u’re a disgrace to the east coast.