Last Tuesday, Landmark Sunshine Theater gave fellow sneakerheads a documentary they have been wanting the longest for.

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A crowd of no more than sixty people waited for the private screening of Sneakerheadz. A film spondored by Complex and directed by Academy Award nominated director David T. Friendly along with Mick Partidge. Sure,there has

been many documentaries related to sneakers but not one quite like this.


The film focuses overall on every aspect of the culture that many of us are heavily  gravitated to. We hear the news about some heat dropping and then the race to get them but never really questioned why. What makes sneakers a must have essential for so many and who is responsible for mayhem?

It features some of the legends in the game such as DJ Clark Kent, Jeff Staple, Russ Bengston and many more. For those who assume their knowledge is one hundred percent correct about the sneaker culture you may want to think twice about that, especially a culture you didn’t create. From across the USA to Japan sneakerheads exist and they all have a special story to tell particular about that one kick in their closet that has probably never been worn. Wait to you watch the footage and take notes from these cats, they are seriously dropping knowledge about how this small artistic culture started from the streets and is now an incredible influence on todays society.

Sneakerheadz will be available at  Vimeo on Demand August 21 but you can pre-order it now for just $13.

Can you tell us what makes a sneakerhead, whats on your feet ?

– Aquil Small


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