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Dwight Howard will have his own Superman Kobe


To many this may come as a surprise as adidas has announced that they will give Dwight Howard his own “Superman” Kobe sneaker. Kobe & Dwight Howard are not the best of friends but somehow I guess they came to an agreement with releasing this shoe. The two got in a argument last october in the regular season when Kobe was giving the Rockets straight buckets and he shouted “Your soft” to Dwight. The Kobe & Dwight rift was so bad that Howard was ran out of LA because of Kobe. So this shoe might be somewhat out of laughs or it could be one out of homage. Lets hope the shoe is out of homage and not for laughs. The shoe is decked out in superman colors and in the form of the adidas Crazy 8 which was Kobes first signature shoe. The shoes feature a superman logo patch on the tongue and is decked within blue, red and a dab of yellow on the heel. The shoes will only release in kids sizes so wishful thinking next time, if he ever releases another shoe under adidas most are saying this could be the last for Howard. We will keep you posted here at the Source.



adidas-crazy-8-dwight-howard-superman-4 adidas-crazy-8-dwight-howard-superman-5 adidas-crazy-8-dwight-howard-superman-2 adidas-crazy-8-dwight-howard-superman-3