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Sitting around and waiting for nail polish to dry and be a tedious affair. You can’t touch anything. You aren’t quite sure where to put your hands and if you get an itch somewhere and try to strategically scratch, you can mess up all of your meticulous work in just seconds!


We want to save you guys the pain of having to go through such an infuriating experience ever again.  Here are some easy techniques to get your vanish to dry super fast! 






Grab your hairdryer. Set it to its coolest setting and gently blow your nails. Be VERY careful when using hairdryers or fans or even blowing on your nails… you could end up with those pesky air bubbles and have to start over!




Ice Water


Fill a bowl with ice-cold water. The colder the better, then carefully submerge your fingertips into the water. Your beloved polish dries fastest in colder environments, so help the process along by creating one.



Stick Your Hands In The Freezer


When I’m desperate, I stick my hands in the freezer for a few minutes. Yes, you heard me right, the freezer! As you can imagine, it is super cold, so you cant keep them in there for more than a few minutes at a time, but it works.



Cooking Oil Spray


Once you’ve added your top coat, give it a little spray of cooking oil or dip your fingertips in a bowl of 10ml or so of sunflower oil for a couple of seconds. Remove your hands and carefully wash fingertips with water.



Quick Dry Nail Polish


After all’s said and done, if you really don’t have the patience to be sticking your fingers in bowls of ice water, freezers, cooking oils and such, just invest in some quick drying polishes. Most brands claim to dry within no more than 60 seconds and usually do if you add it on in thin layers.  Lathering varnish on too thick will take forever to dry and will dry slowly even if you stick your hands in the freezer afterwards.



-Ayara Pommells (@YahYahNah)