We have a plethora of dope rappers here in the UK. Unfortunately, much like most corners of the world, female rappers appear to a tad scarce. Unity in female hip-hop in the UK is actually pretty solid and the few that we do have, don’t mess around on the mic!

Here are just a few you should be paying close attention to…


No Lay
UK rapper No Lay’s aggressive style is a force to be reckoned with. Whether it’s laying down a track for commercial radio or delivering a grimy freestyle, No Lay’s gangster is not to be tested.

“The fact that I’m a female rapper that can rap better than the majority of the male emcees who happen to be my peers speaks for itself. The BBC Fire In The Booth cypher with Charlie Sloth where I was placed on a set as the only girl with all guys kind of solidified my ability. I am extremely confident in my craft and believe my music and skill hold up just as equally as my peers if not more. But I feel I lack the right push if I had the right push I feel I’d of achieved a great deal sooner. It’s all good being one of the best. But if this isn’t promoted correctly how can you capitalize off of that? I think my music transcends very well in the US. A lot of my fans that tweet me are US based, and I think if you have clarity and diction in your words. The Americans don’t find it so difficult to understand you. In my opinion, it’s all about clearly projecting your words. After all Americans speak English not American…”


Lady Leshurr
Charismatic Midlands-native emcee, Lady Leshurr is known for her off the wall freestyles. Bars, bars and more bars. Lady Leshurr’s lyrical capabilities are not easily slept on, and she always injects a little humor for her followers’ enjoyment. Just recently, her Queen’s Speech video series had gone viral and each of the visuals has accrued well over a million views each, earning her a hoard of new international followers. Check out the newest offering below.




Shystie has been a staple in the UK rap scene for over a decade now and is still growing strong. Taking influences from her West Indian background, Shystie’s bad gyal image has attracted her roles in some of the most popular UK urban television series’ and movies. Despite her success, Shystie remains one of the most humble, down to earth artists’ I’ve ever had the pleasure of crossing paths with. Bottom line. Shystie can spit for days and if you haven’t been checking for her at this point, you really should be.
“I believe staying on top, requires discipline, persistence, hard work, a good positive support system and passion. Never lose your passion. I’m really ambitious and know where I want to be in the next 5-10years so I MUST keep working hard and revisiting my ‘plan’, whilst always surrounding myself with successful people who motivate and inspire me to keep going…”



Monique Lawrence

It’s hard to try and squeeze the multi-talented Monique Lawrence into one category, and she really wouldn’t want us to. Fairly new to the scene., Lawrence is already making major waves in her homeland.

“I have very eclectic taste in music, I listen to so many different genres which all inspire me to make music in different ways. Soulful RnB, Hip Hop, Dance, Rock, Dancehall and even Pop music! My style is very much a fusion of all the music I love, I don’t believe in being boxed into one type of genre or lane. Music is a form of expression, therefore; the style of music I make varies, depending on my mood and feelings at that present time. What I will say is that a lot of my music is in support of female empowerment. Women all over the world need to know and believe they are special. I aim to inspire women, especially the young girls growing up, I want them to learn how to love and value their true selves.

Each and every one of us is an individual and I take real pride in being myself, I feel this really makes me stand out! I aim to be the best me and I do this by allowing my passion to guide me and focus my energies on what feels right. I believe everyone has the ability to shine, we all have a light within us, we just have to search for it…”

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To Be Continued…


Main Image Photo Credit: Monique Lawrence by LoLoCreativ

-Ayara Pommells (@YahYahNah)