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It’s not Valentine’s Day but that doesn’t mean you can’t set the mood for your special one night stand tonight with some new Onra. The French producer releases his newest video with us that features the New York duo, The Doppelgangaz. The beat is the perfect blend of soft piano keys and an electric guitar that has a soul of its own. If the music sounds extra raw, in a good way, it’s because he somehow didn’t use any computer software for the production for that 100% hand made feel. With a saxophone in tow and their signature black cloaks, Matter Ov Fact and EP trade stories of sexual exploits that back up their claims that they’ll take anything when it comes to loving women. There’s beauty in imperfection and The Doppelgangaz have unlocked that secret.

“Anything” is off of Onra’s Fundamentals album. You can buy a copy on vinyl or through iTunes.


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