Houston Rocket’s bearded swingman believes that the new addition point guard may be back to his old self

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It wasn’t too long ago Ty Lawson was “undeniably” referred to as one of the elite point guards in the league, but after countless run-ins with his coach and the law, the newly acquired Houston Rockets guard has kind of been looked as a “has been”. With his new home in Houston and a team that is destined to make it very far this upcoming season, Ty Lawson has been receiving praise from Rockets franchise player James Harden and he may be back to his rare form.

According to Houston Chronicle’s Jonathan Feigan, Harden stated:


“Ty is definitely going to help us,” Harden said during a break in the Kroger Unplug and Play James Harden Basketball ProCamp in The Woodlands on Saturday. “He gives us that quickness, that speed, playmaking ability, something that we were missing, especially deep in the playoffs. We’re going to welcome him with open arms. We’re happy to have him.” “He’s out in California right now working out,” Harden said. “We’re happy to have him. He’s going to be a great addition to our team. I’ve been with him these last couple weeks. He’s more focused than ever. He has a great opportunity with a really good team to showcase his talents and help us with that push that we need.”

He also stated:

“We can have Ty Lawson handle the basketball, play Pat (Beverley) off the ball,” Harden said. “You can play them together. We have a lot of different lineups, a lot of options with this team. I’ve very excited to see how it all is going to pan out. Good things are going to happen.”

With the addition of Ty Lawson to the Rockets, it will be interesting as to how they use him and Patrick Beverley. Maybe a lil’ off-ball play will come into fruition, which will possibly relieve Pat from point guard duties and allow him to score a bit more

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