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In a time where police killing and black on black crime plagues cities around the United States, one city is taking their city back by having  24 hours of non violence. Newark Mayor Ras Baraka will be hosting the fifth annual #24HoursofPeace . #24HoursofPeace is an event created by people in the community  seeking ways to stop the violence that continues to haunt their city. The event will be hosted in the area where five people were killed in a gang war in August 2014. #24HoursofPeace will be held on August 28th 6PM- 29th 6PM.  Organizers have come together to plan a night of positivity and growth in the community. Check out the free events and see what special legendary rapper is taking part in the event.

· A Hip-Hop concert, featuring legendary Hip-Hop EmCee Rakim and more (African dancers, Jazz, R&B)

· Speakers & Town Hall Discussions

· A Bike Ride for Peace

· Friday Family Flicks movie night

· A Community Breakfast

· A Kids Activity Village

· A Cyber/Technology Village

· Hip-Hop Yoga & Zumba

· A Health & Wellness Pavilion, and more!

#24HoursofPeace will be held at Clinton Avenue between Bergen Street and Osbourne Terrace. Please, let’s stop the violence and uplift our community.

– Ballah-moni Kollie (@Gottadream87)