Snoop can now add another stripe to his name

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It’s no question Snoop Dogg is in love with football, from his youth league to his recent football diary series on ESPN starring his son Cordell who played for nationally ranked Bishop Gorman, Snoop’s love for football was immeasurable. After earning his stripes as the Director of Football Development this year, Snoop can add another title to his name as he is now the Director of Football Recruiting for Adidas.

Seeing that he has a knack for spotting potential D1 athletes, Snoop will be able to use his good judgement for Adidas and potentially help the brand with recruiting. It’s not public as to what exactly his job entails, but if his youth league and love for the game is any indication on how great he will be with Adidas, it’s no question this partnership will be a match made in heaven.


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