Directed by: Rouben Alaverdian

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Have you ever dreamed that you woke up only to find out that you’re still dreaming, on some Inception type ish? What about a dream that never seems to end to the point where you think reality right now is a dream? If you have, you might want to take a breath before watching the new video from Kriswontwo. The Danish producer releases his new visuals for “Love, Need You,” featuring British singer Omar. It’s a trip into the grey area between dream world and what is perceived to be the real world. In between the protagonist’s metaphysical travels, there is a struggle between two figures to symbolize where all of our victories and defeats occur–the imagination. Director Alaverdian drew inspiration from Japanese psych pop artist Tokio Aoyama’s artwork for the single. He had this to say on the plot:

The main character goes through various levels of dreams until he finally gets to the ‘Mother’ or ‘Healer’ type character that soothes his pain or lets him know that everything will be alright. It’s a symbolic death/transition/rebirth.

You can hear the Madlib and Soulquarian influences in the crisp yet flowing production from Kriswontwo. Omar’s voice, particularly the harmonization, blends right into the fabric of the beat.


You can expect live instrumentation throughout Kriswontwo’s upcoming album CEREMONI (9/14) but not in the way you’d expect: “I sometimes chop up what I just recorded and then flip it in a different way.” Other features on the album include MED, Oh No, Skyzoo, and Georgia Anne Muldrow.

“Love, Need You” will be available on August 28th through SomeOthaShip.

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