Today in history, George Jackson was murdered by prison guards during an attempted prison escape at San Quentin in 1971

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Black August originated in California in honor of Jonathan Jackson, George Jackson, William Christmas, Hugo “Yogi” Pinell, James McClain and Khatari Gaulden; known as the San Quentin Six.

Jonathan Jackson was gunned down outside the Marin County California courthouse on August 7, 1970 as he attempted to free McClain, Christmas and Magee which is the only survivor and the former co-defendant of Angela Davis.


George Jackson was killed by prison guards during a Black prison rebellion at San Quentin on August 21, 1971, along with three prison guards. Officials charged six Black and Latino prisoners with the death of those guards.

Black August although it is a time to reflect on the Black struggle, celebrating as leaders such as Dr. Mutulu Shakur, Pan-Africanist Leader Marcus Garvey, Maroon Russell Shoatz and Chicago Black Panther Party Chairman Fred Hampton were all born in August. Let us not forget the freedom fighters of this time who gave their lives in hopes of better ones for us.

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  • Christian Simonetti says:

    George Jackson was a savage who murdered several people while attempting to escape from San Quentin prison. He got exactly what he deserved when he was gunned down in the prison yard. His younger brother Jonathan was an ultraleft adventurist who engineered he Marin County Courthouse bloodbath in order to free George, armed by Angela Davis, who has spent the last forty plus years making speeches condemning capitalism and earning between $10,000 and $25,000 a pop. Hugo Pinell slit the throats of several guards with a razor blade embedded in a toothbrush. He was another piece of human detritus who got his due when fellow inmates killed him recently. How you can venerate these animals is beyond me.