“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

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A lot of people equate that saying to “dreamers.” They misinterpret it thinking that means doing what you love equals never having to work for it or at it, in order to reach the level of “success” those who live by it aim for. Or that turning your passion into a profession will taint the love. Wrong. If that does happen you have to ask, did you truly love it in the first place?

Danny Martin II, co-founder of Geekletes, exudes passion in a way that can only be truly sustained by loving what you do. The love of technology. The love of gaming. The love of constantly testing/pushing yourself as an entrepreneur and the possibilities within that realm of creating opportunities for others.


This is the foundation of Geekletes, its platform and its team.

What is Geekletes?  Depends on who you’re asking.

Game lovers with an entrepreneurial mindset and tournament/league hosts will view it as an incredible technology platform that allows them to not only host their own tournaments, leverage an entire network of active gamers while offering possible monetary compensation but the ability to do so at a fraction of the costs in a live gaming environment. Through multiple subscription options, hosts can choose exactly what they want/need from Geekletes in order to fully maximize the platform.

For millions of gamers, it is a user friendly web application that will allow them to “Come, Compete and Conquer” throughout multiple genres including: Sports (NBA 2K, Madden, FIFA, WWE 2K) Racing (Forza) Fighting (Mortal Kombat X, Street Fighter, UFC) Shooters (Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo) in 1-on-1 matches or large tournaments on a daily, weekly and monthly basis earning bragging rights as well as extra cash.

Some may view Geekletes as a job opportunity, either as an employer or an employee.

“We believe in building communities and supporting entrepreneurs. This platform will create jobs for the numerous individuals who game and for those who would like to host tournaments. Geekletes allows me to work in the realm and excitement of gaming by taking it to the professional level. I believe in the vision of Geekletes as the hub of gaming and the device that will change the perception of this activity from a pastime to a skill.” – Brittney Seals, Associate Marketing Director

Others may see Geekletes as groundbreaking in the fast growing eSports world and beyond.

“I think Geekletes has a great chance of becoming a Market Leader in a fairly new unprecedented industry” – Marquel Russell, Chief Marketing Officer.

Geekletes will change the gaming in the way that people view gaming. The goal is to turn gaming into a sport. Where the less physically inclined kids will have something they can compete in. For the gaming industry it will become the one stop shop for gamers and tournament hosts ” Lydia Reddic, Associate Production Director

Those outside of the gaming world will see how Geekletes has a positive impact on their community.

“I want to succeed for the simple fact that it’ll cause a ripple effect within my community. If I fail chances are, others will be reluctant to take the creative leap. This why we are plagued with complacency” – Danny Martin II, co-founder of Geekletes #DRM2

I guess doing what you love can become more than work, more than a hobby – maybe it can lead to changing an entire industry?

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