MIAMI, Fla.— Four teens hacked 17-year-old boy, Jose Amaya Guardado, and buried him in the woods and later, two of them, proceeded to have sex by his grave, according to authorities.

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The teens, Desiray Strickland,18, Kaheem Arbelo, 20, Jonathan Lucas,18, and Christian Colon,19, planned the murder of Guardado for two weeks. An arrest report explained that the four teens even dug the grave and hid a machete beforehand in a wooded area near the Homestead Job Corps campus.

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The alleged murderers dug a hole for a grave in the woods, a few days before the murder, to bury the victim.  On June 28, the teens lured Guardado into the woods across from the Job Corps building in Homestead.  Using a machete that they had placed at the murder scene before hand, they started striking him while each of them watched, officials said.  Strickland “complained that she had missed the first series of machete strikes because she had walked away for a few minutes to urinate in the woods,” according to the arrest report. Guardado was ordered to lay in the grave, and after making one last attempt to fight off the attackers, Arbelo struck him many more times until his face caved in.  The disturbed teens pushed him into the grave and proceeded to bury him. They then burned the victim’s belongings, as well as their own clothes that were stained in blood. They also got rid of the machete and the shovel, police said.  After finishing, Strickland and Arbelo had sex until it was time to return to campus at the job corps.  The victim’s family reported him missing on June 28, and searched for him for three days before discovering a human body buried in the woods on July 1, police said.

An autopsy concluded that the body in fact, belonged to Guardado. According to NBC Miami, investigators believe the school bullies slaughtered Guardado over a debt he owed to his roommate, Arbelo, who is a suspected drug dealer on the Homestead campus.

All four teens confessed to the slaughter of the victim and were arrested to the crime. Strickland was arrested this past Wednesday; Arbelo, Lucas, and Colon were arrested last week, police said.  They are all being held without bond.

Charges are currently pending.


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