Today for Hood Health 101 we break down the importance of washing your hands routinely

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Son, when is the last time you washed your filthy hands? Don’t think too hard cause you probably don’t remember. If you had a map though from the last hour of the things that your hands have touched you’d probably be surprised. Then if you were to overlay that map with one of how many times touched your face, eyes, mouth or nose you’d be mortified. You don’t have to be a germ-a-phobe to make sure you are on top of your cleanliness. You have heard the saying that cleanliness is next to godliness. If that is the case many of y’all at that are sitting laid back with your feet up in the devil’s den.

The thing to keep in mind is that even if you are clean your environment is disgusting. You may be able to control the level of cleanliness in your own home yet once you step out in the world at large you are playing another game. Also you aren’t controlling the level of cleanliness of the people who are coming into your house. One of the basic levels of keeping germs regulated is your first line of defense which is your hands. You use them for a host of things throughout the day. It makes sense that they can either assist in transferring germs and dirt to your body or work to keep germs and dirt away from your body. You just have to step your level of conscious up.


The main thing that helps in insulating your body from this highway of germ and virus transfer is washing your damn hands. I don’t mean just rising your hands. I mean washing your hands. When you enter into a bathroom the first thing that you should do is wash your hands. Yup, wash your hands before you use the bathroom. You just touched that doorknob. You don’t know who touched it. You don’t want to touch it and go straight for your genitalia or worse, rub all around your mouth while you’re doing the do. After you have done what you came to that bathroom to do wash those hands. Get that water hot, use a good amount of soap and wash your hands for a length of time. Experts (whoever they are) suggest that the length of time that you should wash your hands should be long enough to sing the Happy Birthday song twice. I do know this, you need to get between the nooks and crannies in that hand of yours. The last thing you need to do is use a paper towel to open that bathroom door. Yeah, that nasty door that you used to get into the bathroom. I can’t tell you how many times that I have seen a person wash their hands in the bathroom only to open that door with the nasty doorknob.

I don’t have a set amount of times during the day that you should wash your hands yet it shouldn’t only be when you are about to use the bathroom and when you are about to eat. Those who work in the medical field constantly are made aware of the hands as a transferring agent and wash their hands throughout the day. At least look into washing your hands three more times throughout the day outside of those two big times. You may be surprised at how that effects your overall health and wellness.

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