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The Essence Clothing was inspired by the legends of art, music, entertainment and fashion. Not only did these artists provide a reflection of their current worlds, but altered and created new ones. This is a lively and current apparel ​brand which represents the cultivation of hip-hop in the GOLDEN ERA.​ ​The company is based on the foundation of an influential time and by using notable quotes from legendary artists, it reminds the beloved hip-hop heads where it all started.​ Evidently, in the last 2 years or so, the old school and throwback days have become one of the biggest styles and fashion trends. This all ​initiated in music, of course. From numerous prominent male artists incorporating the new and old school on records, to some of the trendiest female celebs sporting the “tomboy” looks embodied with feminine luxury.

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This is more than refined urban attire; The Essence represents a lifestyle of appreciation, love and respect for the hip-hop culture. Specializing in contemporary menswear, drawing from elements in art, fashion, film, athletics, and music, designer, John Goldberg​, is now venturing in a unisex​ ​line. The urban undercurrent of the collection was inspired specifically by the New York City hip hop culture of the 90’s​,​ that shaped the lives of youths from that era. The name, The Essence, is symbolic of the raw core of the culture that stirs emotion, grabs at the heart and sparks creativity.
Looks are styled with excessive layering, symbolic graphics, creative wordplay and luxurious materials to create unique items that feel custom and considered. The line includes wool, leather, suede and denim based outerwear along with modified jerseys, utility pants, shorts and joggers. The inspiration behind each piece grabs a specific buyer’s heart. The feelings evoked along with the level of quality separate the brand from a highly competitive market. Pieces are to be coveted. Once purchased they are to be considered a timeless addition to a buyer’s wardrobe. The brand is developed for a select audience. It is understood that some will “get it” and others will not…much like the music and art that has served as the brand’s inspiration

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