Tyga has been in the news quite a bit lately. From his friendship with Kylie Jenner, a recently released album, cameo in the film “Dope,” as well as a brand new reality show on MTV2,  the young rapper stays in the headlines and on the screen. His most recent siting on the web was for the $320,000 Ferrari he purchased for Kylie on her 18th birthday. Many we’re left scratching their heads as to how he could afford such a gift, given he was also rumored to be going through some financial problems.

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Well, wonder no more, as it is now being revealed that Tyga has signed a very lucrative deal with Tunes Audio, a well established OEM and ODM manufacturer of in-ear monitors for many well known brands. Signed on August 9th, the deal is worth a staggering $10 Million, making the “Rack City” rapper a part owner of the company.

Having been in business for over two decades, Tunes Audio is known for hand molding countless amounts of in-ears for audiophiles, the hearing impaired, and has been used on stages by some of the most famous musical artists worldwide.


CEO of Tunes, Rolexandro Valentin, issued a statement.

We are really excited about signing a multi dollar deal with the young star. Not only is Tyga is a trendsetter and a driver of the culture, but he’s also a businessman. We look forward to building this company together. This is just the beginning.

Boasting a social media footprint of over 27 Million followers, Tyga is definitely one of the most visible artists in music. He too shared a statement.

I saw what TUNES was doing in the audio world so when they said they wanted to start making headphones, we partnered up.Only boss moves here.

So with all of the hoopla surrounding Tyga’s time in the headlines in the past year, it has definitely paid dividends.

Tyga is definitely out here gettin’ it. Do ya thing playa. – Rocko Rathon (@Rocko_CNK)

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  • solo1shyne says:

    Lol! Are we really supposed to believe this start up company dropped 10 mill on this d level rapper? Come on now if you are gonna spend that kind of money you could get a real star! This is all puffing! Dont believe the hype! This dude will be in bankruptcy court very soon…..