St. Louis resident Mansur Ball-Bey’s autopsy shows he was shot in the back by police Wednesday

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The initial police report regarding the death of the Black man that was shot by St. Louis police this week said that officers were carrying out a search warrant on a house late Wednesday morning, when Mansur Ball-Bey was shot and killed by plainclothes officers as he and another man ran out the back door.

St. Louis police Chief Dotson stated he had seen evidence that the two men hopped a fence behind the house and ran down an alley. Undercover officers wearing bulletproof vests were stationed at the rear of the house and they ordered Mr. Ball-Bey and the other man to stop and drop their guns. According to officials, Mr. Ball-Bey turned and pointed his gun at the officers and two of them opened fire. One officer fired three times and another fired once while Mr. Ball-Bey was shot once in the back.


The law firm representing Mr. Ball-Bey’s family has given a different account. According to Tonia Harris, a special consultant with the Legal Solution Group, witnesses say Mr. Ball-Bey was not at the house the police raided but in a backyard two houses away with one other person. 18-year-old Ball-Bey recently graduated from high school and was working at FedEx. Ms. Harris confirms he had no criminal record.

The examiner, Dr. Michael A. Graham, says that despite the bullet wound to the back, other physical evidence will have to be examined before conclusions could be drawn. St. Louis residents have been in an uproar as they await the official autopsy report and deal with yet another death of a Black man by the hands of police.

-Infinite Wiz(@InfiniteWiz)