The former Daily Show host shocked the WWE universe and  turned “heel”.

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Last night, the WWE took over the house Jay-Z built for their annual mega summer event known as WWE Summerslam. Every year, the WWE brings a celebrity as a special guest host to welcome fans into this star-studded event. This year, Jon Stewart was the host of the event that took place in the Barclays Center. Along with helping pump up the crowd, he was able to play a major role in one of the most talked-about bouts on the main event card which includes WWE World Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins and WWE United States champion John Cena. This “Title-Vs.-Title” match became real interesting when both wrestlers was laid out in the ring and Stewart ran into the ring then picked up the chair. Confused and hesitant, Jon initially was going to go after Rollins but at the last second, nail Cena in the mid section with the chair then placed it in the middle of the ring for Rollins to performed a Triple H like “pedigree”move as he was able to retain his WWE title while becoming the new United States champion. Check out the clip below.


This came as a pleasant surprise to many fans in the WWE due to the fact that Stewart and Rollins had a brief war of the words with one another early in March. In fact, Rollins made a surprise visit to Stewart’s Daily Show to confront him in front of his viewers on Comedy Central. Here are the two clips of these two individuals beefing with one another in front of fans watching worldwide. Oh, the power of sports entertainment and politics. What a tag team championship combination.


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