Whenever a close person departs this earth, we like to think that the person goes to a better place. But sometimes we say that the person never left and continues to be with us to this day. Illa J is of the latter group. The younger brother to the late, great J Dilla is preparing his second solo self titled album via Bastard Jazz (10/2) and we are proud to present his latest single. Over a smooth beat, Illa J raps about how there are people out there who show mad props to him regarding his brother in a genuine way as well in a fugazi way. As he remembers J Dilla’s persona and influence on his own music, Illa J can’t help but also recall those who could be seen as taking advantage of Dilla’s legacy. As we, fans and artists alike, celebrate J Dilla’s life and pay homage to him in whatever way that is, let’s always try to remember to do it in a positive way out of respect for the living and the dead.

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This upcoming album is a result of the great chemistry Illa J realized he had with Canada’s producers Nick Wisdom & AstroLogical AKA Potatohead People. There were no samples used in the creation of the album and is guaranteed to have your brain relaxed and chakra aligned for hours.

You can also check out the last Illa J single “Universe” HERE.


Bryan Hahn thinks this is an important track when it comes to remembering ALL artists. He’s on Twitter (@notupstate).