Produced by:  Sogni G, J. Puzzo, Kai
Video Director: Full Send Productions

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Burntleather’s very own Sogni G releasing a teaser to his upcoming EP, Immigrant American Express, Dropping Fall 2015.  Sounds include a mixture of Hip Hop with a taste of Soul, Jazz, and the hardcore element of Rap.

I was born in Italy, in 1990 and moved to the Bronx in 1998. Immigrant life was crazy growing up but it showed me a lot of valuable experiences in life that are reflected in my music . The Immigrant American Express  EP explains a quick intro into my life through my immigrant eyes. A mix of hip hop and soul with jazz along with the rough attitude of rap clearly displays my life in this project. Growing up in school my teachers reinforced my english by having me listen to music to help with word recognition. It was then that I was introduced to hiphop and  10 years later it would reveal itself to be my true passion and purpose today. Funny how life could turn out sometimes.

Check out the video above and feel free to visit the website if you’d like to keep up with Sogni G.