The dunking sensation was a true pioneer to the evolution of athleticism and the way we seeing high flying dunkers today.

Today, the NBA received some sad and devastating news. NBA legend Darryl Dawkins passed away in a hospital in Allentown, PA at the age of 58. An autopsy report will be done on Friday but many of his family members believed that he died from a heart attack. Other than Moses Malone (1974), Darryl became just one of the early pioneers of skipping college eligibility and declaring himself for the NBA Draft. The Philadelphia 76ers drafted Dawkins 5th overall in the 1975 NBA Draft. The high flying sensation known as “Chocolate Thunder” was able to play in the NBA for 14 years, suiting up for squads such as the Philadelphia 76ers, New Jersey Nets, Utah Jazz and Detroit Pistons.

Even though he averaged roughly 12.0 points and 6.1 rebounds a night, Dawkins was the reason why the NBA introduced the world to breakaway rims and shatter-resistant backboards. Dawkins was able to posterized his opponents while adding fuel to the fire by shattering the backboards each time he attacked the basket. Already dubbed as one of the most powerful and flashiest dunkers, “Chocolate Thunder” would nicknamed his dunks, give them names such as “Look Out Below”, “Yo-Mama”,and “Rim Wrecker”. Here’s some dope #ThrowbackThursday clips of Dawkins showing the young generation why he is one of the greatest power dunkers of all time. Sleep tight and rest in peace, Chocolate Thunder.




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